TenX Consulting

Hi, I’m Gretchen, an “analytically creative” private investor, business mentor, and growth strategist. I help owners and CEOs of professional services firms between $2-10M in revenue scale top-line growth, bank higher profits, and create transferable value when it’s time to sell. 

If you want to:


Let’s uncover leveraged sales opportunities that drive exponentially higher revenue at the same or marginally increased fulfillment cost.


Let’s prioritize and then delegate, automate, and eliminate so you can step out of the day to day and focus on work that truly matters.


Let’s create transferable value so you can sell your company for the highest multiple and position the team for the next chapter.

Meet Gretchen

“I’m on a mission to create exponential value for and through businesses for customers, employees, vendors, partners, and the community.

– Gretchen Roberts

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a truly perfect mix of left and right brain and of strategy and execution. At age 10 I was creating complex Monopoly strategies in epic games with my sisters, then sneaking off to my room to write fiction. In my adult life, you might find me pulling off an incredibly creative deal structure for a business acquisition by day, and creating custom underwriting spreadsheets for my real estate investments by night. (Spreadsheets are my love language, anyone relate?)

What’s so great about this gift in the context of business? Glad you asked. Essentially, I can sit down with owners and ask really good questions and take in a ton of facts and numbers and issues and opportunities and market forces–often stuff the founders kinda know and are burned out on or don’t know how to deal with or don’t have time to address. My special genius is being able to quickly sift through those issues and opportunities and know exactly which levers to pull that will make the biggest impact. 

But we’ve all heard that strategy without execution is hallucination. My other special genius, besides being able to immediately get to the heart of the problem or opportunity, is to actually capitalize on it. In other words, I’m a rare breed of both visionary and integrator, aka someone who can both paint the vision and execute or hold others accountable for execution, evaluation, and optimization. 

If you need someone like me in your life, let’s have a chat. 

Gretchen … is one of those rare birds who ‘gets it’ on a strategic level while being incredibly proficient at the details required to ensure effective realization of sound strategies.

— Penny Kemp

Gretchen defines what needs to be done to accomplish objectives as well as what should be done to lift results to the next level. Then she accomplishes it all – with mindfulness of deadlines and budgets. In my experience, Gretchen is an “A” list partner whose expertise and work ethic raises the platform for the whole team.

— Kathi Disch

How it Works

Did I mention that I grew up in the “Show Me” state? If you’re like me and need the high-level how, I’ve got you covered.


Establish baseline company valuation. Uncover the 3-5 biggest levers that will exponentially grow the company’s value, and ruthlessly prioritize these and eliminate distractions.


Document and assess processes and people. Delegate, automate, eliminate to move leadership out of day-to-day. Recruit A-list talent to drive new levels of growth and innovation. 


Establish a timeframe for exit, and achieve highest possible valuation with levered multiple drivers. Owner can then exit partially to BOD role or fully.

Let’s TenX your business

Because I’m 100% committed to creating TenX value, I’m extremely selective about the people and companies I work with. I take on a max of 2 clients per month to invest in TenX growth, profit, and exit value. In addition to the criteria above, I focus on owners and founders who are customer-focused, have a prosperity mindset, and are of impeccable integrity. 

f you think we might be a good fit to partner together, please apply by filling out the form below for a preliminary conversation.