We buy, build, and invest in great companies

We buy accounting & tax firms

We are looking to acquire accounting and tax firms that fit most or all of the following criteria:

  • Between $500K and $3M revenue
  • Between $200K and $1.5M profit
  • Located in the southeast U.S.
  • With a services mix of tax, accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, strategy, and/or consulting (no audit or attestation work)
  • Primary sources of revenue and client base is business (vs. individuals)
  • Has a strong team in place for client-facing work

TenX-It Ready Accelerator

Build, Grow, Scale, Exit: What’s your end game? Transform your business and create lasting value with a strong, scalable, executable strategy that drives results. Managing Director Gretchen Roberts helps owners and CEOs of B2B services firms between $3-20M in revenue scale top-line growth, bank higher profits, and create transferable value when it’s time to sell. 

‘“’Make something people want’ includes making a company that people want to work for.”
— Sahil Lavingia