TenX Accounting & Tax Firm Acquisitions

Thinking of selling your firm? It’s a big decision, but one that can be incredibly rewarding for you personally–and when you choose the right buyer, equally rewarding for your clients and staff. If you meet the following criteria (or come close) and want to explore a possible sale, let’s talk.

Our ideal acquisition:

  • Between $1M and $2.5M revenue; and/or
  • Between $400K and $1.5M profit;
  • Located in the southeast U.S.;
  • With a services mix of tax, accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, strategy, and/or consulting (no audit or attestation work);
  • Primary sources of revenue and client base is business (vs. individuals); and
  • Has a strong team in place for client-facing work

Our Acquisitions Approach


Your firm’s success and legacy are an incredible foundation. Our goal is to invest in that and grow it further.


We’re on the same side of the table with you, working through terms till we’re both satisfied.


We aren’t used car salesmen and aren’t into pressure tactics. We prefer to have real conversations, even when they’re tough.


Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial deal that makes us both supremely happy at the closing table…and beyond.

TenX Growth

Our goal in acquiring your firm is growth and value creation. We do this through our exclusive framework that harnesses all major aspects of the firm: Increasing top- and bottom-line revenue, empowering staff, and identifying marketing, sales, customer experience, and operational levers that TenX the growth of the firm and provide exponential value to clients.

Profit First

Bottom-line vs. top-line focus

KPI-Led Accountability

Extends to every team member

Extreme Ownership

Own your mistakes and victories

Marketing & Sales Levers

Drive top-line growth with M&S levers


Customer Experience Levers

Retention, referrals, cross-sell / up-sell, productized services with recurring revenue

Operational Levers

Drive bottom-line returns through efficiency gains

People and Processes

Teams need three things to grow, thrive, and stay loyal. We define those up front and communicate them often.


we do what we do


work actually matters


to drive results

Meet Gretchen Roberts, Investor and Business Mentor

  • 2+ decades of experience in business, marketing, and consulting, with leadership roles in two public companies and small businesses
  • Board of Directors, Exec Committee, and Secretary for a Malcolm Baldrige award-winning publishing house
  • Owner, boutique vacation rental company
  • Business and real estate investor
  • Managing Partner of TenX Venture Group – business acquisitions and consulting
  • Married, mom of four amazing kids and one adorable goldendoodle

“I’m on a mission to create the kind of accounting firm I want myself as a business owner.”

— Gretchen Roberts

Steps to Sale

Wondering how it all works? Here are the high-level steps from initial meeting to sale.

Integration Process

The bulk of integration happens within the first 90 days, at which point we turn our attention to growth.


Clients via strategic handovers from seller to buyer

Employees via 1:1 listening tour, new benefits package, strong culture


Revenue via recurring revenue packages, upsell/cross-sell

Client base via referrals and marketing strategy

Profit margin via operational efficiencies & acquisition synergies

Our Mission

To create value for and through businesses for clients, employees, vendors, partners, and the community.

Explore a sale

Let’s have an informal conversation to start. Fill out the form or book a call with Gretchen Roberts.


If sole owner, please indicate. If multiple partners, please list names of partners and percentages of ownership.
Please list services and the approximate percentage of business from each. For example, "business taxes - 33%; personal taxes - 25%; bookkeeping - 16%: consulting and advisory - 26%