We Buy Businesses

Selling your business is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. Everyone has their own reasons for selling, but there’s a common thread running through every business owner we speak to: You’re extremely independent, have built something amazing fueled by your entrepreneurial fire, and you know what you want. And that’s exactly why we love working with you to create mutual value and continue to grow your legacy.

We buy businesses so you can move on to your new goals.

We work with owners who:

⇒ Dream of the “next thing” they haven’t had the time to do

Are ready to retire and spend some well-deserved down time with their families or traveling

Are struggling with the business due to economic or personal factors

Would like to move to a different geographic location and don’t want to run the business remotely or relocate it

Know there’s value in their business but don’t have time to “get it ready for sale”

Are just plain tired or burnt out and ready to hang it up, but don’t want to simply shut the doors and devastate employees

⇒ Primarily work in the business instead of on the business and don’t know if the business has value without them

Our approach


Your business success and legacy are an incredible foundation. Our goal is to invest in that and grow it further.


We’re on the same side of the table with you, working through terms till we’re both satisfied.



We aren’t used car salesmen and aren’t into pressure tactics. We prefer to have real conversations, even when they’re tough.


Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial deal that makes us both happy at the closing table…and beyond.

Our Mission

To create value for and through businesses for customers, employees, vendors, partners, and the community.

Thinking about selling?

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